a Fictional Second-Person Surreal Coming-Out-Of-Age Dramedy

About the author(s)

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charle taylor elwonger — designer & developer — @animalphase

charle taylor elwonger is an interactive/game artist working on personal projects through “Animal Phase”.

Jocelyn Reyes — Sound & Music — @jirisrey

Jocelyn does sound design, foley and music. She works primarily in games and interactive media.

Gabrielle Hoggett — Voice Acting — @elloradatura

Gabrielle is a games artist and illustrator.

Lucie Viatgé — Voice Acting — @LucieViatge

Lucie is a games artist, often working with the collective Klondike. She is currently finishing a games art program in France.

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Animal Phase (Charle Taylor Elwonger, Sound & Music by Jocelyn Reyes)