Ritual of the Moon is a 28 day multi-narrative following a witch that has been exiled to the moon as she sets up her new, isolated life. She discovers she has the power to protect or destroy the earth and must decide how much of herself she can give to others. The player completes a ritual and meditates each day throughout the 28 days, tracking their changes in feelings over time. The game is created from handmade objects digitized and manipulated, reflecting the story’s blend of past and future, mystical and technological.

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Kara Stone is an art-maker creating videogames, interactive art and traditional crafts. She achieved an MA in Communication and Culture at a joint program at York and Ryerson University, focusing on mental health, affect, feminism, and videogames. Her work has been featured in Vice, Wired, The Atlantic, and NPR. It consists of feminist art with a focus on gendered perspectives of affect – but it’s much more fun than it sounds.

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