Same Time, Next Week is a genre defining analog game placed firmly between live action roleplay and a dating sim. Players will embark on a 2 hour journey where they meet a stranger, decide how they fell in love with them, and attempt to survive a long distance relationship with them over many trials - all without even seeing their faces. Part game, part installation, part performance, Same Time Next Week is unique, quirky, and thoroughly enjoyable. Please register for a time slot in advance.

About the author(s)

Allison Cole and Jennifer Allaway of Dazzle Bear Production are game designers currently in the NYU Game Center's MFA Program. Jennifer has spoken at various conferences and universities (Including GDC and PAX) across the country about how to make games and game culture more diverse. Allison creates analog RPGs and experimental games in order to create meaningful conversations, particularly in regards to gender, sexuality and marginalization.

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Same Time, Next Week

Jennifer Allaway and Allison Cole