Solace State is a Visual Novel about a young woman who must reunite with her friends across ideological divisions, as a city-state threatens to upend in revolt and despotism. You play as Chloe, a digital native of many IDs, who gets caught up in a journey of dissent, deception and redemption that involves citizens from all walks of life. The game mechanics feature a dynamic narrative, where you traverse through 3D environments to find observations, dialogue and opinions from a varied cast of characters. Humanistic sci-fi storytelling brings questions of social trust, negotiation and community tragedies and joys to life.

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Tanya Kan is a game designer, specializing in narrative-driven experiences, centering on personal stories that explore sociopolitical challenges. She combines her background in political science and cinema studies at University of Toronto and 3D game arts at Seneca College. Her work experience in interactive media include illustration, interactive product simulations and game prototypes in Unreal 4 and Unity 5. Her current solo game project, Solace State, is a sci-fi visual novel about a young woman’s coming-of-age journey in a city undergoing division and dissent. She is a Teaching Assistant at OCAD University for 3D game design.

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