We Arrived // Chegamos is an interactive narrative that uses hypertext and language learning exercises to tell a personal story about growing up with multiple languages, between two cultures. It attempts to convey the experience of having a partial understanding of language, of feeling culturally disconnected within one’s own family, and of having to muddle through the past in order to gain understanding. It asks the player to participate in translation exercises in order to symbolize the act of language learning in the context of one’s own roots. It reveals mistranslated passages and partially deciphered constructs, engaging in a story that takes place across languages, generations, and continents.

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Alexandra Teixeira Riggs is a game designer, interaction designer, and new media artist originally from New York. She is a recent graduate of the Digital Arts and New Media MFA program at UC Santa Cruz, and she holds a BFA with a concentration in Information Science from Cornell University. She creates interfaces and websites for interactive playable experiences, working within the intersections of UX/UI design, game development, writing, illustration, and new media art.

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We Arrived // Chegamos

Alexandra Teixeira Riggs