This session discusses the inclusion of intersectional issues and feminist perspectives in game-focused education programs.

About the presenters

Emily Flynn-Jones is a Postdoctoral Researcher at York University doing historical games research that looks at representation and participation. She recently designed the curriculum for an undergraduate course on gender and games.

Stephanie Fisher is a PhD candidate at York University. She is active in the community and works informal learning initiatives to promote female education.

Helen Kennedy is Deputy Head of the College of Art, Design & Media at the University of Brighton. Her work has focused on technology, aesthetics and embodied perception in games and play.

Jennifer Jenson is Professor of Pedagogy and Technology at York University. She is principle investigator on the SSHRC Partnership Grant Refiguring Innovation in Games (Re-FiG) which promotes diversity and inclusivity in gaming.

Suzanne de Castell is Professor Emeritus of Simon Fraser University. Her work spans literacy, technology, gender, educational game theory, research, design and development, and multimodal analysis of communicative interaction.

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