“In a space where everyone is sharing and experimenting with an easily reproducible tech platform, who owns an idea?

Indie Games are a tricky commodity from an intellectual property perspective. As iterative media, games need an entire community to exist. If during the course of development, others give ideas that are eventually incorporated into the game, does the game have a sole creator any more? In such a situation discussions about ownership sit uneasily.

But games are inherently cannibalistic. Games learn from other games and improve from playtests. What then is the line between plagiarism and a homage?

In a media environment that has immense potential for being community owned, is ownership even relevant to our collectivist development environment?”

About the presenter


Mohini is a game designer and narrative strategist at Antidote Games where she consults on play and design strategy with global non profits. Her passion for storytelling took her first to journalism, then films, finally settling on game making. Mohini enjoys linking games to feminism, media and cultural theory, and is spends her free time thinking about global cultures of play.

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