This panel bring forward five board games created as an assignment in a learning theories course in the graduate masters educational technology program. The primary goal of the course is for students to develop a critical understanding of classic and contemporary theories of learning, such as behaviourism, congnitivism, neo-cognitivism, socio-constructivism, humanism, and connected learning as they inform instructional practice. As part of the class assignments, students were asked to create a board game using a participatory game design method, which incorporated learning theories discussed in class over the semester. Five board games will be presented and discussed on this panel presentation.

About the presenters

Dr. Giuliana Cucinelli is an Assistant Professor in the Educational Technology Program in the Department of Education at Concordia University, and the co-director of the Community and Differential Motilities cluster for Concordia University's Institute for Digital Arts, Culture and Technology. She is also a research affiliate of the Mobilities Lab at Concordia University.Cucinelli's research-creation program explores the areas of digital media theory and production including social media, media education, youth culture and digital media practices, interactive media theory and production, critical pedagogy, teacher education, community/cultural/media activism, emergent media practices, inter-generational storytelling, critical disabilities, ageing and technology, and mobilities. Currently, she is Principal Investigator on a FRQSC's (Fonds de recherche du Québec - Société et culture) Nouveaux chercheurs program on youth media practices, identity, and online sociability. Curricula and long lasting collaborative platforms are being co-designed and implemented with primary and secondary education teachers, and community groups in Montreal. Additionally, an interactive-documentary about the media practices and themes is being developed, as a follow-up to the initial documentary Our Privacy Matters! Youth, Identity and Online Sociability. Additionally she is a PI on a Concordia funded research-creation project Virtual Reality and Empathy Education: Understanding Cultural, Gender and Ethnic Difference in the Workplace.

Junesse Christiaans is a trained Industrial Designer and a English as a Second Language teacher currently completing a MA in Educational Technology a Concordia University, in Montreal. Her interests focus on adult education for lifelong learning, curriculum development, identity vs. information technology and the role of training integration in classrooms.

Narinee Halajian is currently doing a Masters in Educational Technology and has BA in Psychology. Her interests include child to adolescent education and developing curriculum, as well as volunteering at a literacy organisation.

Roza Jeladyan is completing her Master's in Educational Technology at Concordia University this winter and completed an internship at Algonquin College in Curriculum Services Department. She holds a BA in Foreign Languages, Literature and Music and is currently focused on improving human performance at a corporate level through adult education and eLearning.

Gabriela Kostova is currently working towards an MA in Educational Technology at Concordia University, in an effort to to combine her background in Psychology, graphic design training, and passion for teaching. Her interests include lifelong learning, informal learning, and the translation of research into effective and feasible instructional strategies.

Katie Nicol is a bilingual elementary school teacher who specializes in special education and differentiated learning environments. She recently began her Master's in Educational Technology at Concordia University where she plans to focus on educational game development and the role of gaming and play within the typical classroom setting.

Myriam Lebel-Bernier is a graduate student in the Educational Technology Program in Concordia University. She has completed her undergraduate degrees in Communication Studies and Media Art. She works as a web communication specialist and as a research assistant for the Media Mobile Lab in Montreal. Myriam’s work explores digital culture, youth culture, identity and media practices.

Dominique Robertson is a soon to be graduate of Concordia University's Educational Technology and Instructional design Master's program. She is very interested in digital and interactive media as modes of learning transfer, and much of her free time is spent behind a lens.

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