When metafiction is keenly used in a videogame, it can create greater player immersion, deeper narratives, and overcome fiction breaking elements such as glitches and loading screens. In this talk, James Earl Cox III will define videogame metafiction, then dive into the four different types: (emergent metafiction: fiction that reveals itself to the player, immersive: fiction that brings the player into the fiction, internal: character-to-character, and external: designer-to-player). This talk will ultimately deliver developer friendly ideas for consideration. As metafiction within videogames is not heavily explored, there is a lot of room for thought, and plenty of room for conversation!

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James Earl Cox III is both a graduate student in the IMGD MFA program at USC and a digital wizard. He holds BA degrees in Creative Writing, Mass Communication, and Interactive Media from Miami University of Ohio. James has created over 50 freeware games, exhibiting at venues including IndieCade, DIGRA, EGX, Tokyo Game Show, and the Smithsonian. His games can be found at www.SeeminglyPointless.com. Currently, he is completing a challenge of making 100 games in 5 years. His twitter is @Just404it and yes, he would love to watch The Room with you.

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