The presentation discusses affect in videogames through the lens of meaningful play as aesthetic experience. As digital representation, videogames can provide players a statute of parallel and alternative experience offering new interpretation of what reality is and what potentially it could be. Discussing some personal experiments, I will explain how I realized experimental videogames with the aim to convey cognitive state (A.Way), mental illness (Magic interaction) and story (Onironauta) and how this design process has meant to be able to abstract essential feature of such emotional states/ experience mood and how it has become a significant process of self consciousness also for me as creator.

About the presenter


Andrea is a design PhD candidate from Politecnico di Milano.
Her research investigates videogames as mean for meaningful play and aesthetic experiences.
While trying to define a theoretical model, she is currently exploring through some experimental games how aesthetics, perceptive and intangible languages of digital medium contribute to aesthetic experience, meaningful play and player’s sense making processes.

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