Growing up as a gay man, I was drawn repeatedly to women in nerd culture. I tried to change my interests, force myself to be more intrigued by men, but I was unsuccessful. I began to ask myself: what makes women so appealing? Bayonetta taught me about my own sexual state of being and the limits that gender imposes, so I make a plea to gamemakers everywhere to reimagine the state of gender in their universes.

About the presenter


Paolino Caputo is a student researcher, contemporary artist, queer activist, game designer, and roleplaying enthusiast. He is fascinated by new media and intermedia contemporary art practices, including performance art and conceptualism. He thematically employs intimacy, vulnerability, and discomfort in his works as catalysts for personal growth and social change. One day he plans to marry Sothe, become Bayonetta, and adopt too many cats. He is currently working towards his bachelor of fine arts at Thompson Rivers University in Kamloops, British Columbia.