We Are Fine, We’ll Be Fine is an auditory and tactile experience played on a wooden game board exploring people’s stories about marginalization, oppression and the navigating hope for the future. Participants unravel stories of struggle and hope by holding hands with each other while touching the board. As they progress towards the centre of the board, more stories emerge. Our presentation will talk about our project including the motivations, challenges and solutions we came up with in designing a game-based system tackling themes of marginalization and oppression.

About the presenters


Team Sagittarius is a collective consisting of Hope Erin Phillips, Raoul Olou and Nicole Pacampara. They found each other (and created "We Are Fine, We'll Be Fine") in Montreal at Concordia University's 2015 Critical Hit Game Incubator. They are artists, hackers and storytellers. And yes, they are all Sagittarius.

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